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Born in Birmingham England, Jon Huaut was raised into a family with a strong history in French Polishing and wood crafts. He embarked on a French Polishing Apprenticeship at a young age and soon found himself involved with some of Europe’s most remarkable projects. He recalls fondly the time spent on jobs such as the Houses of Parliament restoration (London). "I believe the time spent on such jobs gave me a greater understanding and appreciation for skills long lost".  Jon recalls the job he believes propelled his own career to where he is today "Shri Swaminarayan Mandir" (not easy to spell!) "That job amazed me and scared me all at the same time and was I believe, one of the largest polishing jobs ever undertaken to this day. I recall walking into the site for the first time and just standing there for half an hour in shock at the task ahead of myself and 6 other French polishers. For nearly two years we went about our trade and well I can honestly say it was and still is mind blowing to see the photos and images of what was achieved".


Soon after that Jon travelled to New Zealand where he set up and ran a hugely successful furniture business specialising in NZ native timber furniture. The time spent in Australasia was short lived but not over. Returning to England soon saw Jon embarking on a whole new and exciting era in his trade with some of the world’s most exclusive antique houses offering up pieces of furniture for restoration. Jon recalls, "Some of the furniture was just a pleasure to work with.  A certain sideboard I recall ended up selling at a very well-known auction house for over 1.5 million pounds and its always a joy to know that I helped preserve that item for generations to come". More large projects were to follow in the form of some of Europe’s most prestigious hotels and stately homes along with a string of important  restoration projects.


The Australasia bug hit home and Jon soon found himself winging his way to Australia in 2004, where we are today. Within 9 years Jon has once again found himself at the forefront of his trade with a highly established list of major clients and a huge private customer base around Brisbane and Gold coast areas. Jon says, "I’m truly happy with the way life and work has progressed here and could not be happier. When I set up JR French Polishing here on the Gold Coast a lot of people thought I was mad and remarked that there is no scope for my trade here as it's rarely seen. Well I am proud to say they were wrong.  The level of appreciation for my trade has grown over my time here and is getting stronger every year. So I would like to say to all of my clients both ongoing and future, Thank you and I wish you all the best for the future".