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Well its been awhile since are last news with good reason. Our work load has swelled to over flowing and we simply haven't had time to sit down and write. So far this year and last year we have had a huge influx of new customers bringing with them some nice items for restoration. The end of last year we had a beautiful regency brake front sideboard and top come in for repair due to water damage from Brisbane and the week before that we had a reverse brake front sideboard in flame mahogany in for a complete overhaul. Both where stunning examples of there era. We are continuing to see a lot of items water damaged from the Brisbane area mainly due to the hail storms . This year we are booking items up to 4 weeks ahead already and are putting a hold on site work so we can spend more time in the factory. The white look seems to be back in vogue again and bright fabrics are everywhere. There are some good bargains to be had on the online auction sites and my tip is : buy old chairs and mix and match, finished in white.






Well with Christmas not too far away the workload has continued to grow. Busy busy busy is the only way to describe the past two months. We have restored some very large antiques including a beautiful art nouveau sideboard and we recently restored and rebuilt some silky oak furniture. At the moment we are about to modernise a range of colonial furniture to bring it up to date. As the end of the year draws closer I may have to learn to say no and stop taking in more work but I cannot help myself! If this is the last post I get time to write before Christmas all of us at JR French Polishing would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.




New website, new layout, works better. With the arrival of our new website work has only just started in updating and making changes to the layout. Being fully html5 means we can give more information and details on ongoing work and projects. In the pipe line is a step by step page dedicated to people who want the progress of their items detailed. This means you will be able to see your item step by step as work is carried out.


So far this year we have seen little change in the furniture industry as far as trends go. The market for sixties and seventies furniture is still strong. The new kid on the block is the industrial look with likes of trestle tables and steel framed furniture making a fresh appearance on the market. We are still seeing a lot of cheap mass produced furniture flood in and it seems the quality is getting worse (so please be careful).


As for ourselves so far we have had a great year with more interesting items passing through our hands. Brisbane has given us some nice antique restoration and repair work and the Gold Coast has delivered a mixture of antiques and modern furniture. The stand out piece for me was probably a large granite table (see gallery) we restored and rebuilt. It came to us with blown out centre panels of veneer so we dismantled the entire table and built a frame to hold the two new granite inserts, rebuilt it, stripped it and refinished it. Madi disagreed and opted for the Solomon Brothers drinks cabinet (also in the gallery) as her choice.


A beautiful and rare antique from Brisbane, the Solomon Brothers cabinet was in need of an overhaul and that is just what it got. Carefully cleaned to remove the build up of wax and dirt, followed by replacing sections of missing inlays. We finished off with delicately washing down the sun faded top and re-hand polishing the entire cabinet to bring it back to its former glory without damaging the aged look of the antique piece. We look forward to the rest of the year and will keep you all posted with new website developments as they happen.




The end of another year  is nearly here and what a great year it has been. The Gold Coast and Brisbane French polishing trade seems to be on a high. Some of the highlights for us have been right up there at the top of my list. Some fine antiques have passed through our hands this year, with some great surprises and hidden gems offering a nice outcome for us and their owners. As a lot of small businesses have suffered this year with the GFC hitting hard, we have seen a noticeable change in the attitude towards furniture around the home. Gone is the disposable end of the furniture trade in its place a resurgence of fixing and refinishing what we already have.


The trend for 1960-1970 furniture has grown this year into a epidemic, with bargains still to be found for the hunters out there. The high end furniture trade has also seen some great bargains to be had as some larger estates have folded leading to a lot of auctions popping up around the country. If I had one tip for next year it has to be  “look at your furniture in a different way, often just changing the colour can bring a welcome surprise and can deliver the look you're after at a fraction of the replacement cost“.


This year continues to be our best year on record and as such we have taken on a new Apprentice.  We would like to take the time to thank every applicant who applied and wish them the best of luck with their future endeavours. With over thirty applicants applying for the position from Brisbane and the Gold coast it took a considerable amount of time to decide on the right person to take forward but we finally got there. So we would like you to join us in congratulating Madison (Madi) on her new role. We wish her good fortune and a successful Apprenticeship.





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